About Tiny Sepuku

Tiny Sepuku is an advice comic strip. The name is a butchered spelling of the Japanese word "seppuku" which roughly means "sacrifice for the benefit of others". It began as a parody of Hello Kitty for a small monthly in 1997 and developed into its current format fairly quickly. In 1999 the periodical Tiny was printed in was closing its doors and I was ready to let it disappear with it. My friends and roommates encouraged and dared me to submit it to larger alternative weeklies and all of a sudden Tiny became a syndicated comic strip. The greatest factor in the success of the comic is reader participation. The readers have been very supportive of the comic's concept and I can't thank them enough for all the great questions they send in. There would be no comic if there were no questions from the many students, working professionals, and all the other heartbroken souls out there who just want to step outside their problems and laugh. I can't thank them all enough for their support. They know I'm not a professional advice columnist. I'm just a cartoonist, and I make no pretense of being otherwise. There are plenty of other people to get "good" advice from and if you have real problems I suggest you approach them to help you through it (I list a couple places in the links section). But if you want cartoons then you came to the right place. I hope you enjoy them.

For more information on publishing Tiny Sepuku or if you have a question or just want to drop a line, then please contact Ken at tinysepuku@hotmail.com.

Disclaimer: All questions submitted and used become the property of the comic for entertainment purposes. But you already knew that, didn't you?