Tiny Sepuku's blogs and networks.

Keep up with Tiny through exclusive bulletins and blog entries on one of these fine sites.

Tiny Sepuku's Twitter Feed. Why on earth would anyone want to know that I'm eating chocolate gummi bears, and why would I tweet about it? I'll try to use this to just let you know when I update the site and the blog...and maybe what I'm doing instead of comics.

Tiny Sepuku's Blogspot Blog. A clone-ish version of the blog below for all of the readers who requested a blog without any social network-y ties. I may occasionally deviate and post different things there than the older one.

Tiny Sepuku's MySpace profile. Add him as your friend or just check out his low effort blog filled with videos, and maybe some actual writing every now and then. It's open to everyone to read, so you don't have to have an account to check it out.

Tiny's YouTube account. See what Tiny is watching instead of doing comics. Add him as a friend or just view one of his playlists below (recently added videos tend to end up on later pages):